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How Does Company Car Tech Enhance Business Performance?

How Does Company Car Tech Enhance Business Performance?

There are some obvious benefits that having reliable company cars can have on business productivity - not least less time in the garage. But when it comes to in-car tech, the advantages are a little more subtle.

After all, how much can good climate control and a flashy DAB radio really influence business results?

It helps to first zoom out and look at things from a wider angle. Firstly, what actually is in-car tech? Well, it’s not only devices built for entertainment and comfort, but it also includes those for connectivity, driving control, and navigation.

It’s now easier to see how in-car tech can affect everything from time on the road and driver experience, to client and colleague communication and professionalism.

And what’s great is that we’re not talking about the difference between an entry model Renault Twizy and a full spec Porshe Cayman, but rather standard tech which today can be found across the board.

So now we have a better idea what it is, let’s dive into the specifics of how company car tech can boost business performance.

Company Car Tech Improves Productivity

Car manufacturing giant Skoda has recently published new data on the productivity of company car drivers in England. Their results suggest drivers are around a third more productive thanks to their in-car tech .

It’s easy to overlook the magnitude of this data, but Skoda have done the work and estimated the figures translate into generating an extra £9,200 per employee—an estimated £36 billion extra for the economy.

So how do these working Brits who spend time on the road use their in-car tech? Skoda conducted another survey to find out, discovering which tech was most important to them. The results showed smartphone connectivity systems, cruise control, and sat-navs to come out on top.

Company Car Tech Improves Client Relationships

Allowing employees to drive their own private cars cannot only cause problems in terms of insurance and accident cover, but also interactions with clients.

Now, depending on your industry and your role in the company, here it may pay to have a Cayman over a Twizy. But more often than not it’s more about the experience inside rather than the looks outside.

Taking care of the little details such as which GPS system you have or if the vehicle is bluetooth-enabled, ensures you not only keep in touch with the client and arrive on time, but that you do so in style. If it so happens that your client needs a ride, then you can rest assured that the climate control system and DAB radio with surround sound will keep them entertained and comfortable.

The benefits of choosing a company car with great in-car tech are endless. Take a little more time to consider the smaller details and they are sure to pay off in big ways.

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