Case StudiesRead through some of our customers case studies
The Background
SEGRO (formerly Slough Estates) is a property investment and development company focused on the provision of flexible business space throughout Europe. Headquartered in the UK, SEGRO plc has a listing on the London Stock Exchange and on the Euronext in Paris. The Company serves a diversified base of around 1,700 customers, operating across a wide range of sectors and representing both small and large businesses, from start ups to global corporations. With property assets of £4.8 billion and 5.1 million sq m of business space, SEGRO has an annual rent roll of approximately £314 million.

The Challenge
Up until 2003 SEGRO had used the services of a major pan-European contract hire provider. This was a business relationship that had promised much, providing reassurance in terms of perceived financial strength/international presence (which suited SEGRO’s own business profile) and the relatively unusual feature of the provider being a geographical neighbour (a situation that suggested an efficient account management regime would not be difficult to maintain.)
Despite this SEGRO soon came to realize that going forward not only was account management poor but incidental costs not associated with actual vehicle rentals were combining to produce a package that was at a financial variance from their supplier’s original offering. Such was the disillusionment thus engendered that a decision was made to revert to the purchase of vehicles.
It soon became clear to SEGRO that whilst their business possessed a depth of expertise within property and investment sectors they clearly were not experts in the procurement of vehicles and the efficient and economical management of a vehicle fleet.
The challenge remained for SEGRO to find a third-party which, whilst possessing the above skills and expertise, would also not replicate the disappointments and poor service experienced before.

The Experience
It was at this point that Marshall Leasing presented its case, initially winning the chance to provide SEGRO with an outsourced fleet management service. The change in both the style of account management coupled with the management ethos at Marshall was soon able to provide SEGRO with the confidence to also place the procurement of their fleet into their new supplier’s hands.
Part of the Marshall approach was to be pro-active and in a climate (2006) where even greater stress was being placed on the employer’s duty of care Marshall Leasing was able to introduce Driver License Checking for the entire SEGRO fleet, and for any fleet driver’s spouses and family members who had access to the company vehicle.

As SEGRO’s confidence in their new business partner grew they passed the disposal of vehicles over to Marshall enjoying cost-free advice and assistance in the improvement of their written car fleet policy.
By the time 2008 had come around SEGRO was sufficiently reassured as to the long-term aims of Marshall Leasing that they decided to revert once again to a full-maintenance, contract hire system. In this regard SEGRO was impressed not only by Marshall Leasing’s open disclosure policy but by their ability to identify and address all the contentious areas that had previously driven the decision to move away from contract hire in the first place.

The above was realized via a substantial sale and lease-back proposition from Marshall Leasing which also provided a substantial cash injection for SEGRO, a business that now found itself at last coupled to a Fleet Partner they could trust; SEGRO had come full circle.
The Background
The Liebherr family business was established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr and is now not only one of the world’s leading
manufacturers of construction machinery but is also an acknowledged supplier of technically innovative user-oriented
products and services in a number of fields. The business has grown into what is today a substantial group of
companies, employing a workforce of 32,600 in more than 100 companies and on all continents.

The Challenge
Liebherr’s fleet comprised 136 vehicles operating nationwide providing technical and engineering support for Liebherr
products throughout the construction and allied industries.
The fleet was originally administered for a number of years by a major contract hire and leasing provider, one which initially
promised and indeed provided an attentive and efficient service. However, more recently and due in no little part to major
changes in the fleet funding industry and allied to a lack of investment by the incumbent provider the service became less
competitive and paradoxically needed increasing levels of intervention from Liebherr’s own personnel.
Marshall Leasing was one of a basket of companies invited to discuss and design an innovative approach to the service
and support of the Liebherr fleet, one intended to align with the standards demanded by Liebherr’s own customer base.
After a number of meetings it became clear to Liebherr that Marshall would be the superior choice supplier.

The Experience
Since changing provider Liebherr at last feels comfortable that it is being valued and understood as a client and also
has access to competitive monthly rental rates. The tailored fleet outsourcing solution provided by Marshall allowed
Liebherr to concentrate on its core business without the added burden of providing internal fleet and driver support.
To date the feedback from drivers and from the business as a whole has been very positive.
Ed Werry (Project Accountant) said: “So far Marshall Leasing has delivered in every area of service thus ensuring we
have as little involvement as necessary. They are proving to be a good choice of partner and one that values the longterm
objectives of our business and its drivers.”
The Background
Hydro International develops innovative solutions for cost effective stormwater and wastewater management.
Headquartered outside of Bristol, England, Hydro conducts operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United
States and worldwide through a combined network of licensees and distributors.

As a consequence of their commercial activity they have a need to operate a small to medium sized company vehicle fleet

The Challenge
In 2005 Hydro International PLC acquired Vexamus Water Group, an existing Marshall Leasing customer. However Hydro’s
Bristol-based fleet operation was supplied and serviced by a larger, Pan-European leasing provider and so there was a natural
interest in migrating the small but no less significant Vexamus fleet to this provider, as and when vehicles came up for
replacement. Additionally, in early 2006, a new Finance Director joined the team and began to focus attention on Hydro’s
supplier relationships and the value, importance and service that suppliers placed on these relationships.

The Experience

The long-held Marshall Leasing ethos of building long-term partnerships with its clients initially seemed attractive to the
management team in Bristol. A series of in-depth meetings, visits and analysis took place between Hydro International
and Marshall where we were able to demonstrate that we could provide a dedicated and personal service, backed up
by the flexibility and stability that came from being part of one of the UK’s largest privately owned and run businesses.

Hyrdro International found itself increasingly persuaded that a smaller organization such as Marshall Leasing was
better placed to service their total fleet than a larger and somewhat impersonal provider. Consequently in 2008
Marshall successfully negotiated to become the sole-supplier of the entire UK fleet.

Marshall Leasing has since helped Hydro to reduce its carbon footprint and its impact on the environment by promoting lower
Co2 emitting vehicles at the same time as motivating staff through an updated driver choice package. We have also helped
by providing assistance and advice in meeting Duty of Care obligations and in so doing have helped identify ways of managing
internal policies and processes whilst highlighting risk awareness through the profiling of Hydro’s employees .

The Background
Gratte Brothers Group is one of the UK’s leading independent building services companies providing from one source
a complete range of electrical, mechanical, security and commercial catering facility services. Originally registered in
1946, today the Group employs over 650 personnel and has a turnover in excess of £100m per annum.

The Challenge
Gratte Brothers had been running its own fleet for 60 years. Gratte believed however that with all the new legislation that has come into force their business needed more professionalism. Being cash-rich and with many good contacts that had built up over the years Gratte were reluctant to opt for Contract Hire as their means of acquisition; additionally their vehicle usage made it very difficult to accurately assess period mileage. With this background they decided to seek an organization to manage both their fleet and transport legislation leaving Gratte free to buy and sell its fleet as it saw fit.

The Experience
From a list of five potential providers Gratte eventually produced a short list of two with Marshall Leasing emerging as
the successful tender. It had proved to be an interesting and exciting project for Gratte which produced a highly satisfactory outcome.

The company had always budgeted its annual transport costs but Marshall’s fleet management methodology and
processes immediately produced savings in this area. Paperwork and administration were reduced to a minimum eliminating the multiple invoices Gratte had typically been receiving on a monthly basis.
Staffing was reduced as a consequence from one Manager to one Supervisor. Marshall Leasing also provided peace
of mind via the updating (by Marshall) of Gratte’s internal transport policy documentation leading to greater compliance
from a duty of care perspective.