Salary Sacrifice Solution

Marshall Leasing offer a Salary Sacrifice Solution which potentially affords all your employees significant savings on a new fully maintained car. This highly attractive staff benefit can be delivered with a minimum overhead and administration. The scheme is driven through our fully automated online mechanism. So it really is a simple provision to roll out and manage.

The Sums: Essentially the employee gives up part of their gross salary in exchange for the benefit of a company car. Because the scheme focuses on low emission engines the tax on the benefit is also low and significantly less than the amount of tax and NI they would have paid on the forsaken income.

For the employer at the same time as providing a meaningful employee incentive, which happens to have the added benefit of addressing Health & Safety, grey driver and environmental issues, you also get to see NI and corporation tax reduced

Most employees will want to run a car. This scheme encourages them to run a low emissions new vehicle. It also means that their cost, taking into account maintenance, road tax, and auxiliary provisions such as insurance, can be encompassed in a single monthly salary deduction. Because we also pass on enhanced manufacturer discounts it ensures that they can have a significant financial gain which can be attributed to you their employer.