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Why It's Time To Update Your Fleet To Electric

Why It's Time To Update Your Fleet To Electric


Electric power is proving to beat traditional fuels in every way — it’s cleaner, greener, and cheaper.

But while fossil fuel consumption has its obvious disadvantages, it did bring us the internal combustion engine and the modern vehicle as we know it. The answer then, it seems, is not to get rid of car altogether, but simply update it to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Twenty years ago, no one would have thought — or believed — this would be mean electric vehicles. But in 2018, electric power is now effective and practical and makes a whole lot more business sense than anything that came before it.

Innovation and change

With longer range possibilities, expanding infrastructure to accommodate charging needs, and vast improvements in design and availability, there are fewer reasons not to consider making the switch to electric. Governments are even finally beginning to offer generous tax incentives for buyers that want to invest in them.

Thanks to this technological and political support, the rate of development for electric cars is already 10 times of what it was a decade ago. Consumer demand is gaining rapidly and will only grow over the coming years. This trend has left governments with no other choice but to start updating their infrastructure to accommodate the growing need. With even oil companies getting in on the action and installing charging stations alongside their pumps.

The oil is running out

The rapidly rising cost of fuel is predicted to be to single largest motivator in drivers looking at switching to electric. More and more drivers are seeking out cheaper alternatives like ride sharing programs as the cost of fuel continues to rise. It’s even affecting more than just the average worker trying to get to the office; the rate of tourism is starting to decline in many areas because fewer families can afford to bear the cost of travel.

Prices of electric vehicles are coming down into the same range as petrol or diesel powered alternatives, and we’ll likely see them be overtaken in the next five to tens years. Every car company on the planet worth its salt is currently working on a design or already selling their own version of the electric car, so they don’t end up suffering the same fate as fossil fuels.

The choice is obvious

With an estimated 35 percent of households and 30 percent of business investing in electric by 2025, there are 100s of new electric models expected to hit the market over the coming years.

Renewable energy is the way of the future. Models for all tastes and businesses are already starting to come off the lines. Battery science is improving to battle the issues of driving range, and the improvements are hitting the market fast. Some governments have even started introducing aggressive changes in transportation laws in an effort to eliminate petrol vehicles in their countries all together. Don’t be left behind, the future of transportation is ready and waiting for you to plug in.


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