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Changes to Consider When Driving Abroad in a Company Car

Changes to Consider When Driving Abroad in a Company Car

‚ÄčIf you are someone who isn’t keen on flying abroad for your holidays, driving into Europe in a company car can be an enjoyable and diverse experience when compared to a traditional week-long beach holiday. Not only do many European countries drive on the opposite side of the road, but legislation and driving rules have changed dramatically in the last couple of months, especially in France.

With Brexit being a huge talking point in recent years, driving on the continent may have a bigger effect on travel than you think. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 41% of people believe that Brexit will make travel more expensive, while 55% believe that post March 2019, travel into Europe will cause more hassle due to tighter border controls. Research shows that these issues need reassurance from the UK government, which will be taken into account as part of the lengthy negotiations with the European Union.

A recent report by the RAC uncovered that 59% of UK drivers are unaware of the new driving rules and regulations which were introduced in France this year. Company car drivers travelling to popular French destinations such as Paris, Lyon and Grenoble must now display vehicle emissions stickers in their company car. This has been introduced as part of the Crit’Air scheme, which is set to be implemented across an additional 22 French towns and cities by 2020.    

Since March 2018, France has introduced restrictions on two-lane motorways, or what are more commonly know as “D” roads. The previous speed limit of 90kph (55mph) has now been slowed down to 80kph (50mph) in an attempt to encourage more responsible and safer driving habits. Failure to comply with these new laws could incur fines of up to €750 (£670). 

You may still be thinking, is that really all I need to know? Surely a trip from the Eiffel Tower and the Chartres Cathedral will be pretty simple now? Unfortunately, if you were planning to drive this trip with headphones/earphones in, think again. Only around 23% of UK drivers knew that driving with headphones in was an illegal offence, while only 28% of drivers are aware that you MUST switch off your engine while stationary in a designated parking place when using a mobile phone.

Alternatively, linking up your mobile phone with the car’s audio player before setting off on your journey can be an enjoyable compromise. This allows you to enjoy your drive with no distractions and if you’re concerned that your choice of music is an embarrassment, just know that everyone has a soft spot for Justin Bieber. Roll down the windows and let the tunes out!

If you wish to take your vehicle abroad you will require a VE103 (Vehicle on hire) certificate which, subject to your company’s approval, can be obtained directly from Marshall Leasing.  Each certificate is valid for a single vehicle only and covers any European trips within 12 months of issue. For more information on these services, please visit our Foreign Travel Authorisation page.


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