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How To Keep Up To Date With Fleet Management Compliance

How To Keep Up To Date With Fleet Management Compliance

As a Fleet Manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure that particular aspects of compliance are kept up to date. But which ones need regular attention? We’ve pulled together a list of things to look look out for to make sure you’re managing your fleet compliance to the highest quality.

Maintenance of Your Fleet

Businesses are required to provide a Duty of Care and guarantee a safe working environment for their employees. As the Fleet Manager, you area of responsibility is your employees vehicles, meaning that you need to ensure they’re always in top notch condition and are safe enough to drive. Make sure you have a rock-solid process in place for vehicle inspections, servicing, and MOTs.

Employee Driving Hours

As part of the EU, we have driving hours compliance principles that we need to follow. Employees must not drive more than 9 hours in one day (although this can be changed to 10 hours but only twice a week). Employees mustn't drive more than 56 hours in a week and 90 hours in any fortnight. Any driver of your vehicles must have at least 11 hours of rest every single working day.

As the Fleet Manager, you need to keep records of the driving hours of all your employees (obviously only the ones who drive your vehicles) to ensure that they’re not driving too much or not resting enough. Tired drivers are more likely to get into accidents, which is something you don’t ever want to deal with as a Fleet Manager.

Employee Licences & Penalty Points

Are you confident that all your drivers’ licences are up to date and that you have an accurate record of any points they may have accumulated? If everything isn’t accurate and up-to-date, you may find yourself being turned down an insurance claim which would be an absolute disaster.

It’s your responsibility to make sure that all your drivers re-submit your driver’s forms regularly, at least yearly, to make sure that your insurance cover is always top notch. If you need a hand with validating licences and keeping your records up to date, check out our Driver Risk Assessment & Licence Validation service.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to keeping up to date with all your fleet management compliance.